Urban Meyer has some motivated enemies in the building

While hairs possibly can be split regarding the details of the incidents allegedly involving Jaguars coach Urban Meyer in recent weeks, one fact cannot be denied. Meyer has multiple motivated enemies in the building, who are talking freely to reporters with concerns about the first-year head coach.

The dynamic first surfaced in the aftermath of Meyer’s misguided decision to remain in Ohio after a Thursday night game against the Bengals, an event that lit the fuse on a private airing of grievances regarding Meyer’s interactions with players and assistant coaches. Speculation ran wild that Meyer would soon be gone, and some within the facility were doing everything they could to throw jet fuel on the flames.

Things died down a bit after the Jaguars finally got a win in London, but the discontent lingered. As losses have piled up and pressure has mounted on Meyer, more and more bits and pieces have emerged — because Meyer’s in-house enemies have continued to talk.

That’s really the takeaway from Saturday’s report. The situation finally reached critical mass, to the point that the media conglomerate partially owned and operated by the Jaguars (and the other 31 teams) gave a green light to the posting of a collection of tidbits that paint an even more embarrassing picture about Meyer’s first season.

The biggest embarrassment, frankly, is that Meyer has alienated enough people on his staff that these things are emerging. Every team has moments of adversity and, at times, dysfunction. For Meyer, the constant drip-drip-drip has become a sudden firehose that undermines the authority and demeans the image of a man who is accustomed to being the unquestioned emperor of various college football programs.

It’s telling that the Jaguars referred requests for comment on the matter to owner Shad Khan’s personal spokesperson, who declined comment to NFL Network. To the extent that Meyer would benefit from a boost while mired in a bad spot, he didn’t get one from the guy who signs his checks. That could be a sign that Khan is indeed considering making a change after only one season.

Even if he doesn’t, it’s clear that Meyer needs to make some changes. He has multiple staff members who don’t like him, and who aren’t bashful about airing out dirty laundry. So either they need to go, or he needs to go. Or maybe they all need to go.