Christmas tree ordered online has woman in stitches as it looks like ‘seaweed’

A woman was left in stitches after ordering a ‘luscious’ Christmas tree online – as what arrived was nothing like the advert but instead looked like ‘seaweed’.

TikTok star Lily, @lils.drum, thought she’d found the perfect tree online, and to her surprise the ‘6ft Columbia Pine Christmas Tree’ was only £5.30 ($10), as the Daily Star reports.

When it arrived, Lily couldn’t wait to open the box but as soon as she did she was disappointed – as the tree looked sparse at the top and only got worse on the way down.

Lily shared a video of her tree with her fans on TikTok and soon the video had been viewed more than three million times, with countless likes and comments.

Lily captioned her video: “Kmart Australia, you have some explaining to do.”

She then shows the tree she bought, which instead of looking luscious as she thought it would, the tree barely had any branches and it attracted criticism online.

One laughed and said it looked like “seaweed” but others said Lily simply needed to fluff out the tree.

In a follow-up video, she did just that but complained the item still “looked sad”.

But, eventually, Lily was able to make it work by enlisting a friend’s help and decorating the tree.

She managed to cover the artificial tree with baubles and tinsel which did the job.

While Lily was disappointed, one British family got the fright of their life when a poisonous snake poked its head out from behind a bauble on their tree.

Rob and Marcela Wild were admiring the tree with children Edward, 11, and Sahara, six, when they spotted the deadly boomslang nestle between the tinsel at their home in Cape Town, South Africa.

The reptile is the country’s most venomous snake ahead of the mamba and the cobra and one bite could prove fatal without treatment.

Rob, 55, from Borehamwood, Herts, said: “We’d just decorated the tree and the kids were putting the presents beneath it before turning the lights on.

“We were admiring our work when my wife Marcela pointed to our two cats and said she thought there might be a mouse in the tree as they were staring at it.”